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Ganz Thermal Named in DRS Product Accreditation Program

The accreditation will be available to OEMs that successfully collaborate with DRS to include infrared camera modules and detectors into their product offerings. The program facilitates the cross promotion of DRS customers’ brands, products and capabilities while also referring business opportunities that match the offerings.

“When an end user sees a product with a ‘Powered by DRS Technologies’ accreditation, they should be instantly assured that the OEM has selected infrared imaging components that have the distinct advantages of DRS’ unmatched thermal image quality,” says Todd Brown, senior director, worldwide sales and marketing, DRS Commercial Infrared Systems.

DRS’s accreditation program signals a strategic marketing shift, according to the company. Effective immediately, the Commercial Infrared Systems division of DRS has elected to discontinue direct sales and marketing of its WatchMaster-branded IP thermal security camera systems and will refer security systems business to accredited OEM products instead. DRS remains dedicated to high-quality standards and honors all existing, fielded WatchMaster thermal camera systems with a full two-year warranty and technical support, the company states.

The first set of OEM products receiving “Powered by DRS Technologies” accreditations will be DVTEL’s ioi Thermal camera line and Ganz Security’s Ganz Thermal Series.

The new strategic focus will fuel continued growth and product development in markets spanning the security and surveillance industry, unmanned systems, medical imaging, fire detection and other emerging infrared applications, according to the company.

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