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The Intelligent “Eye in the Sky”.

The most advanced surveillance technology is critical in protecting a casino’s assets and patrons. Security and surveillance is a unique and integral challenge for the gaming industry who are required to constantly strive for the highest level of precise, real-time monitoring. Our intelligent network systems allow remote monitoring, HD images, instant access to live and recorded video as well as automated detection of incidents.

HD Megapixel Surveillance
Our extensive line of IP cameras, HD Megapixel Lenses, NVRs and flexible surveillance software provide HD image quality, ease of information retrieval, fast image transmission speed and remote monitoring capabilities with optimal clarity and resolution.

GANZ CORTROL Global is a complete surveillance solution for enterprise networks of any size and offers 64-bit processing power with a unique feature set to keep security efficiency as a number one priority.

Automated recovery of your system in the event of a sudden server failure. CORTROL Global carefully tracks operations of all servers, and, in case any of the servers has failed, it quickly activates a spare server to perform the actions that the malfunctioning server was performing prior to failing. CORTROL Global can manage multiple servers and activate a spare server in case one fails without losing any data.

Advanced Health Monitoring
Keep your finger on the pulse of all of your hardware, minimizing the risk of inconvenient surprises and control the state of the whole video surveillance system.

Enjoy full use of the multicast environment, transmitting to different destination devices (both servers and cameras). This functionality fully integrates with large enterprise environments using Active Directory or LDAP technology.

Organization Hierarchy
The functionality allows the construction of a more structured hierarchy of system rights and privileges among users within an organization. The group’s administrator (or sub-admin) rights are also specific for each group, thus valid only for the chosen scope of cameras and servers.

Archive Replication
Make your local recording server into a buffer server. In large enterprises, this allows for convenient local usage, scheduled or constant data transferto Central Data Center, whenever the network is available.

Thermal Imaging
Ganz Thermal Camera Series provide unparalleled performance for force protection, border patrols, airport and base security, law-enforcement agencies and vulnerable critical infrastructure, such as utility-company facilities.

Ganz thermal imaging can display images through smoke, dust, haze, light fog and complete darkness—with a color CCD camera that in daylight conditions, and can be used to identify specific surveillance targets such as vehicle license plates or facial details on a human subject.

GXi Imbedded Intelligence Content Analytics
Our intelligent network systems with GXi Imbedded Intelligence provide intelligent analysis of video with application areas including people counting and loitering detection, intrusion detection, vehicle monitoring, abandoned-object detection as well as camera tampering and failure detection.

Intrusion Detection  
For perimeter security and crime prevention cameras can be used as intrusion detection sensor. An alarm is generated when a pre-determined object (person or vehicle) crosses into the detection zone. Equally, an alarm is generated when a person or object crosses from the inside to the outside of a detection zone.  Applications include border patrol and monitoring restricted areas.

People and Vehicle Counting  
This feature counts the people and vehicles that pass through a predetermined area with precision. It recognizes directions, so it can differentiate whether they are entering or exiting. It can also measure the speed of the objects. This feature is ideal for traffic control and alerting authorities when a group gathers in a defined location.

Abandoned & Removed Object Detection
Objects abandoned in a pre-defined zone it will trigger an alarm (a bag or suitcase left on the street or public transit). Objects are detected and trigger an alarm when carried into a pre-defined zone. Applications include detection of suspicious objects.

Stopping and Dwell Detection  
Objects that are stopped inside a zone, or remain inside a zone for longer than the defined amount of time will trigger an alarm.

Directional Detection  
Objects that travel in the configured direction through a zone or over a line trigger an alarm. Ideal for traffic control in and out of high-risk zones and entry/exit monitoring.



CrucialTrak Speed Gates
SpeedTrak™ Robo Arm Gates
CrucialTrak Speed Gates
SpeedTrak™ Sliding Swing Gates
CrucialTrak Speed Gates
SpeedTrak™ Slim Swing Gates
CrucialTrak Duo (T2)
Touchless multi biometric access control reader - 2 in 1  (face and palm/vein)
CrucialTrak Quattro (T4)
Touchless multi biometric access control reader - 4 in 1  (fingerprint, face, iris, palm/vein)
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