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Smart Solutions Critical for the Healthcare Industry.

Security threats are frequent and common to the healthcare industry.  Our reliable, high quality and cost-effective video security solutions are essential to those in the healthcare industry including hospitals, clinics, private practices and pharmacies. Our comprehensive product line insures the perfect match for the most challenging applications including heath standard and safety compliance, theft prevention, dishonest employees, liability suits, and vandalism.  With intelligent network systems at critical areas, incidents can be detected and prevented in real-time.

GXi Imbedded Intelligence Content Analytics
Our intelligent network systems with GXi Imbedded Intelligence provide intelligent analysis of video with application areas including people counting and loitering detection, intrusion detection, vehicle monitoring, abandoned-object detection as well as camera tampering and failure detection.

Intrusion Detection
For perimeter security and crime prevention cameras can be used as intrusion detection sensor. An alarm is generated when a pre-determined object (person or vehicle) crosses into the detection zone. Equally, an alarm is generated if a person or object crosses from the inside to the outside of a detection zone, ideal for detecting a student or patient unknowingly wandering off premises.

People and Vehicle Counting
Count the people and vehicles that pass through  a predetermined area with precision. Detect whether they are entering or exiting and measure the speed of the objects. This feature is ideal counting students, identifying traffic flow issues and alerting staff if a group gathers in a defined location

Abandoned & Removed Object Detection
Objects abandoned in a pre-defined zone it will trigger an alarm (a backpack or other object left behind). Applications include detection of suspicious objects and clarification of inventory losses.

Stopping and Dwell Detection
Vehicles or people that are stopped inside a zone, or remain inside a zone for longer than the defined amount of time will trigger an alarm. This option is ideal for identifying a loitering person.

Directional Detection
Objects that travel in the configured direction through a zone or over a line trigger an alarm. This can be used for traffic control and entry/exit monitoring of patients and visitors.

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