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GanzCloud Deep Learning Search Engine

GanzCloud adds AI to power modern video monitoring solutions with the efficiency and flexibility advantages of hybrid edge/cloud SaaS.

GanzCloud is a real-time deep learning search engine for video surveillance. It turns any IP camera, smartphone, tablet, or recording device into a smart system. It features natural language processing searches, precise alerts, and algorithms that learn to prioritize significant events and make video monitoring efficient, affordable, and useful.

GanzCloud enables any camera* to trigger precise real-time alerts based on persistent searches. Any query (e.g., “red truck 2 am to 5 am garage”) becomes a programmatic trigger. GanzCloud brings state-of-the-art Deep Learning to modern video monitoring solutions with the efficiency and flexibility of hybrid edge/cloud SaaS. Save time and money with up to 90% reduction of false positives, resulting in faster human review.

GanzCloud connects at the edge to an H.264 video stream and uses machine learning to analyze the motion of uploaded data, determining what's important. When there is a critical activity, Ganz Cloud alerts the user via phone, email, or both.

Smart Search

Entering natural language queries like “people or vehicles back entrance 11 pm - 6 am” or “too close without a mask” into the GanzCloud search box reveals potential problems. Searches can be turned into automatic alerts with a simple click.


Event Streaming

GanzCloud Event Streaming ensures that staff view what’s important without missing anything. Human and vehicle motion events stream continuously for fast triage from any Web Browser.


Pan Zoom

Zoom into the full resolution detail of video from any camera using any browser, regardless of window size and without proprietary client software. Scroll quickly to target objects with the precision of your mouse position and pan to follow moving objects.


Object Classification

GanzCloud Object Classification identifies humans, vehicles, personal protective equipment, and other objects of interest. With as few as 500 examples from your own video, custom classifiers can be trained to recognize new objects and launched within two weeks.


Secure Cloud Storage

GanzCloud serves all recorded video from the cloud for the most speed and reliability. The latest technology standards ensure your live streams work across devices and browsers—without opening your network to outside attackers. Your 24x7 video history can be stored in the cloud for 30 days or more.

Automatic Alerts

GanzCloud differentiates between harmless motion and potential threats and triggers automatic alerts accessible from any device and browser. Alerts are sent via email, voice or Slack to all authorized personnel.

  • Email
  • Slack
  • Voice
  • Add any application via webhooks

“Toast” messages are displayed with high-resolution cover images and at-a-glance summarization of movement trajectory. As events stream into the SOC, analysts maintain real-time situational awareness.


G-Suite Directory

Control access to your video using G-Suite Group membership. Members can view videos and managers can manage GanzCloud settings. IT retains a single source of truth for access control without any separate administration.


Unauthorized Access Detection

Use existing cameras to automatically detect tailgating and passback events—without specialized devices' cost and complexity. Eliminate false alarms by reviewing door ajar, door held open, and door forced open only when inbound people or vehicles arrive.

Audit Logging

GanzCloud streams every significant event to Google Big Query—and/or routes logs to Splunk— so it's simple to see and query a complete audit history of each user's access.


Real-Time Dashboards

Customizable, easy-to-use dashboards help staff view streams, communicate with team members, and even send incident links directly to law enforcement for immediate response. Dashboards also uncover vulnerabilities and identify trends.


Health Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of each video stream to ensure reliable recording. Stream health data can be accessed via dashboards, webhooks, and custom reports.


Occupancy Insights

Virtual Turnstiles count the precise in/outflow, and Occupancy Sampling periodically counts the number of people or vehicles in the scene. Dwell Times calculate the duration of time that people or vehicles are in specific zones to reveal common patterns and unusual activity.


Optical Character Recognition

GanzCloud OCR allows the camera to recognize text like “UPS” or “FedEx” and license plate characters.

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