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CORTROL Video Management System Integrations


Go Beyond Video Management. Unify Actionable Intelligence for a Safer Environment.

Ganz CORTROL Video Management Software (VMS) acts as the core command center delivering security solutions.  CORTROL is engineered to unify Video Surveillance, Access Control, Video Analytics, IoT Sensors (vaping sensor, bullying, and gunshot detectors ) license plate recognition , cloud deep learning , intercom communications, biometrics, and other IP Systems to provide real-time situational awareness.  With intelligent network systems in critical areas, incidents are quickly detected and prevented.  Emergency response times are shortened.


Example of a building or school with CORTROL integration of multiple systems.

Ganz Products  - Working Together for Safety.

CORTROL integrates multiple devices, sensors, cameras, and systems to prevent dangerous and urgent events before they happen.

 We engineer, develop, and support quality products that you can afford to buy and own for a safer environment.



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