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Critical solutions to keep your business safe

Ganz products and product integrations with features and functions that can help you monitor, enforce, and keep your customers and employees safe from the current  COVID-19 variant resurgence.

Operate Your Business Safely with CORTROL + Smart Thermal Cameras

Extend your surveillance system with CORTROL VMS and create simple rules: how many people are allowed in, how many have come out and it is clear how many are inside right now. CORTROL also integrates with your access control system and will close or open office access depending on predetermined parameters. Learn more>>



Turn your existing security cameras into a social distancing and mask detection tool

Protecting your employees, customers, and organization is hard in the age of coronavirus, especially when liability can be high. Social distancing is proven to reduce transmission but is difficult to track and enforce. GanzCloud checks your existing workplace cameras feed for hotspots many times a day, so it can determine which areas need a social distancing fix.  Learn more>>

Download Social Distancing and Mask Detection Brochure          Demo: See GanzCloud in Action  


Vaidio-Ganz Rapid Temperature Screening Solution

Achieve rapid social health screening with a customized Ganz Thermal camera paired with IronYun's Vaidio™ Video Intelligence Platform. Ideal for social environments, including schools, manufacturing plants, warehouses, transit stations, hospitals, gyms, banks, theaters – just about any environment or facility that needs to screen for high temperatures during this unprecedented health crisis.  

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Access Control Terminal with Digital Temperature Measurement Module

This digital temperature measurement, face recognition, and the access control terminal is a device with a precise recognition rate and large storage capacity, and fast recognition. The face recognition technology integrates with the access control terminal and non-contact temperature detection reader.  Contact us

Safe and Hygienic Touchless Multi-Biometric Access Control

Stay safe from a contagious surface with 100% Touchless Biometrics readers featuring up to four independent touchless biometrics in one: Fingerprint, Iris, Facial, and Palm Vein.   Learn more>>



Robust Outdoor Fixed & PT Thermal Imaging with built-in Video Analytics

Ganz Thermal imaging cameras maximize your thermal detection and surveillance capability with a robust set of built-in real-time GXi video analytic tools: people & vehicle counting, directional counting, tailgating detection, intrusion detection, stopping & dwell detection. Learn more>>

AI Box for Occupancy Counting and Social Distancing

Bring intelligence into play with the AI BOX - even with an existing system. Besides LPR, Object Tracking & Classification, and many more features, occupancy management, and mask detection are also examples of tasks the AI BOX can handle. Learn more>>


*Please note this is not a replacement for and is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19. Please continue to follow CDC Guidelines by getting fully vaccinated, practicing social distancing, and regular hand washing.

Using AI for Mask and Social Distancing Detection during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Using AI for Mask and Social Distancing Detection during the COVID-19 Pandemic
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