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CASE STUDY: AI-Enabled Thermal Imaging Analytics for Rapid Temperature Detection



Legacy Forehead Thermometers

  • Manufacturing plant
  • 2,000 employees
  • Pre-entry screening
  • One hour
  • Two employees
  • Manual temp checks

Vaidio™ Video Intelligence Platform

  • Normal walking speed
  • > 100 persons per minute
  • No need to stand in front of the camera
  • Detects temperature with a Face mask on
  • Software-based Black Body
  • Face distance from camera 10 – 12 feet
  • Manual overhead eliminated
  • Bottleneck eliminated
  • End-user Delighted


This fully integrated system is designed to enable more rapid screening of high temperatures for people entering a defined indoor space, like a school campus, hospital lobby, or manufacturing plant. The system combines the Vaidio platform and AI-enabled analytics software, industry-standard servers or edge hardware, just about any ONVIF-compliant IP visual camera, and the Ganz Thermal camera.


Ganz Thermal Camera System


Vaidio Video Intelligence Platform

The customized high-performance Ganz Thermal Imaging Camera captures high-quality video in all lighting conditions.

This cost-effective thermal solution outperforms conventional surveillance technologies and has been paired with Ganz's PixelPro 1080p bullet camera to provide rapid and accurate dual imaging.

  • 17um, 50 NETD
  • 7.5mm Lens - 42° HFOV 
  • 320x240 resolution, 30 fps
  • 24/7 operation in all weather & lighting conditions (IP66)
  • Embedded storage and edge recording
  • ONVIF Profile S and G conformant
  • Ganz Thermal camera ZNT1-HET14G20A is made in the USA and BAA compliant

Learn more about Ganz Thermal ZNT1-HET14G20A 


The Vaidio Video Intelligence Platform delivers video analytics solutions for Security, Safety, Access Control, and Social Health Screening. 

Vaidio's 4th generation AI makes video monitoring, security alerts, health screening, and forensic investigation more accurate, more automated, and affordable - and helps make your business safer and more secure.

Vaidio, will also offer AI-enabled face mask detection, distancing detection, people counting, and occupancy detection in addition to rapid thermal screening with the Ganz Thermal system.

  • Uses both visual and thermal cameras
  • Measures facial temperatures, ignores non-facial temps
  • Real-time high-temperature alerts
  • Pre- and post-measurement location tracking
  • Integrates with access control systems
  • Use multiple analytics for rapid screening

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