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Control Module for D2PD Emergency Communications System 


Ganz D2PD® powered by Go2Blu® is an Emergency Communications Technology for Active Shooter/Armed Intruder incidents. Utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT), D2PD alerts vital staff in a School/Facility and EVERY Police 911 Dispatcher, Mobile Patrol Vehicle, and connected desktop in less than 1 Second. 


  • The Direct to Responder D2PD Control Module Hardware Kit connects to the building's alarm system and any number of associated panic buttons.
  • D2PD Control Module is designed to fit in the alarm panel or be housed in a locked box and requires one PoE Ethernet cable
  • There are no special network firewall settings.
  • The D2PD is DHCP and only requires outbound port 8080 to be open.
  • Works with G2B-SaaS

Add on Capabilities with D2PD

  • Automatically put the school into lock-down in 1/4 of 1 second.
  • Automatically make a public address pre-recorded announcement that the school is in lock-down in  1/4 of 1 second.
  • Automatically broadcast pre-determined messages across all IPTV and digital signage in the school in 1/4 of 1 second
  • Automatically activate active shooter prisms as a visual indication of an on-going active shooter event in the school in 1/4 of 1 second.
  • Automatically provide the police department with emergency operations procedures and school plans in 1/4 of 1 second.
  • See D2PD Hardware and Product Packages for a full list of optional add-on modules.

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Companion Products contain accessories, options and additional products that work well with G2B-D2PD.

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Made in America . NDAA Compliant

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