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Going Green

January 15,2009, Commack, NY – The protection of the environment is both a moral obligation and a business imperative.  By making environmental friendly choices, we can all make a difference.

In an effort to “Go Green”, CBC (AMERICA) will no longer be printing and mailing out price lists.  Our 2009 price list was recently distributed via an email blast and all future pricing will be distributed electronically.

In addition, our 2009 CCTV Product Catalog will be printed with soy-based ink products, rather than the traditional petroleum based products that give off VOC’s  (volatile organic compounds - pollutants that contaminate air, soil and groundwater).

Also, the 2009 catalog will be printed on paper that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.  The Forest Stewardship Council is widely recognized as the leading environmental certification standard for paper, ensuring that trees used are sourced responsibly from well-managed forests that protect rainforests and wildlife.

Saving the planet isn't something that is going to happen overnight, but every effort -- large and small -- to lessen the detrimental impact on the environment is important.

About CBC
For over 30 years, CBC (AMERICA) Corp. has been a leader in the manufacture of CCTV components. CBC’s expansive product line and world-class customer support have made them the choice of businesses worldwide. Computar lenses have long been recognized as the leader in surveillance lenses; Ganz brand has assumed a parallel position in the manufacture of cameras, recorders, and a wide range of peripherals providing end-to-end surveillance solutions.

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