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Ganz CORTROL VMS V1.6.0 Released

Cary, N.C. -  November 6, 2017 — CBC AMERICAS Corp., a premier manufacturer of intelligent video surveillance systems and the parent company of the Ganz brand announced the release of Ganz CORTROL V1.6.0.

This latest release includes several new features and notable enhancements:

New Features:

  • Added H.265 support
  • Added archive backup wizard
  • Added VCA reports in the Monitor application
  • Added Archive Calendar for playback mode in the monitor application
  • Added extended list of user permissions and audited events
  • Added new actions in the Event & Action configurator: "Display event in mobile application", "Export snapshot to FTP or local folder", "Start/stop audio file transmission to camera audio output"
  • Added ability to raise events based on specified external data values in the Event & Action configurator
  • Added functionality to send audio from the Monitor application to mobile applications on remote mobile devices


  • Added possibility to decode only the currently maximized viewport in playback mode
  • Improved behavior in multichannel archive navigation when moving along the timeline with mouse button held down
  • Added support for hard subtitles for MKV format
  • Implemented STARTTLS security mode for the "Send email" action
  • Added ability to start Monitor application with parameters using command prompt
  •  Added periodical mode for scheduled event in the Event & Action configurator
  •  Added possibility to listen to TCP port in external data source provider settings
  • Added ability to change playback speed using mouse wheel on the speed slider
  • Added subtitles support for video frame series export
  • Implemented Edge recording support for Axis, Dahua and Hikvision cameras
  • Added settings for N sec navigation and timeline interval size for instant playback

For the complete list and descriptions see release notes.

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Notable enhancements to Project X x.y include:

Ganz CORTROL Central Management Software is an extremely scalable software solution designed to manage IP surveillance networks—from a single NVR/DVR to multiple sites and servers handling thousands of cameras.

The 64-bit, extremely scalable Video Management software and CMS manages unlimited servers, sites and cameras remotely, quickly and efficiently and features automatic failover configuration and redundant management servers for uninterrupted reliability. Other features include video analytics integration, license plate and facial recognition support, a profile generating server deployment tool, mobile and cloud editions.

The IP Camera Auto Detection and Auto Server Discovery features make the 4K ready, Windows based software simple to deploy on any network. It accepts MJPG, MPEG-4 and H.264 as well as full HD and megapixel video streams from Network (IP) cameras, encoders and capture boards. This along with its CMS client-server architecture allows you to build hybrid scalable solutions from a single NVR/DVR to multiple servers handling thousands of cameras.

Learn more about Ganz CORTROL VMS and CMS features, view demos and download a free 60-trial at

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CBC AMERICAS a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of world-class, trend setting security solutions. The Ganz brand offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments and includes an  extensive selection of products including IP and analog cameras, performance driven optics, a diverse range of intelligent video analytics, access control systems, discreet enclosures, video management software and a full range of recording and display devices.

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