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New Integrations and Functions in CORTROL VMS 1.17.1

January 11, 2021, Cary, N.C.  — CBC announced the release of Version 1.17.1 of Ganz CORTROL VMS.  The 1.17.1 maintenance release has added numerous enhancements, functions, and integrations.

New Features:

  • Dynamic position and scaling for the viewport notification panel has been added to CORTROL Client.
  • Ukrainian localization added


  • Card+Pin support implemented for Keri DoorNet Access Control readers.
  • GPU decoding improvements for CORTROL Client.
  • Highlight search text in show external data transaction dialog for CORTROL Client.
  • The cancel button interrupts the search process in CORTROL ClientData Sources, Smart Search, VCA, Bookmarks, and Access Control.
  • Improvements for software counters display (when both old counters and new counters are selected) in CORTROL Client.
  • Driver ONVIF has added audio input support for TOA devices.
  • Event (Variables and Counters) has added support for special Latvian (UTF-8) letters in the Data Sources event.
  • External data search optimization.
  • The maximum prerecording time was increased from 60 to 200 seconds.
  • Play pre-recorded audio patterns for MOBOTIX S16B.

Support for new devices added:

  • Merit Li-Lin models:
    • MR8422X, MR6422X, ZSR8122LPR-HT, PSR5024EX30, P2R8852E2, P2R8852E4, P2R6852E2, P2R6852E4
    • P2R6552E2, P2R6552E4, P2R6352AE2, P2R6352A, P2R3052AE2, P2G1052X, P2G1052, P2R8822E2
    • P2R8822E4, P2R6522E2, P2R6522E4, P2R6822E2, P2R6822E4, P2R6322AE2, P2R6322A, P2R3022AE2
    • P2G1022X, P2G1022, P3R6322E2, P3R6522E2, P3R8822E2, P5R6352E2, P5R6552E2, P5R8852E2, P5R6322E2
    • P5R6522E2, P5R8822E2, Z2R8052EX25, Z2R8152X-P, Z2R8152X2-P, Z2R8852AX, Z2R6552X, Z2R6452AX-P
    • Z2R6452AX, Z2R8022EX25, Z2R8122X-P, Z2R8122X2-P, Z2R8822AX, Z2R6422AX-P, Z2R6422AX
    • Z2R6522X, Z3R6422X3, Z3R6522X, Z3R8922X3, Z5R6452X, Z5R6552X, Z5R8852X, Z5R6422X3, Z5R6522X
    • Z5R8922X3, F2R36C2IM, F2R3682IM
  • TRENDnet models:
    • TV-IP344PIv2, TV-IP345PIv2, TV-IP1318PI, TV-IP1319PI, TV-IP1314PI, TV-IP1315PI, TV-IP1313PI
    • TV-IP1328PI, TV-IP1329PI
  • Dahua models:
    • IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M, IPC-HFW81230E-ZE, IPC-PDBW5831-B360, IPC-HDBW5442E-ZE
    • PC-HDBW5431E-ZE
  • Panasonic model: WV-U1132 camera
  • Aventura model: CAM-IPM-2ZW-36X-IR camera

For the complete list, notes, and descriptions, see the 1.17.1 release notes.  Learn more and download a free trail of CORTROL at

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