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Ganz CORTROL VMS Version 1.18.0 Released

Major Release - CORTROL 1.18.0 is now available!

March 15, 2021, Cary, N.C.  — CBC AMERICA, a leading manufacturer of intelligent security systems and the Ganz brand's parent company, announced today the new edition of Ganz CORTROL VMS - version 1.18.0. This release has added 8 new features and over 15 function enhancements that further enable customers to fully leverage their video surveillance investments.


New Features:

  • Added option to export snapshots as a PDF report with operator’s description in CORTROL Client
  • Added support for H.265 hardware decoding (on GPU) in CORTROL Client
  • Show live video preview when hovering the mouse over channel markers on the map in CORTROL Client
  • Implemented basic video analytics (advanced motion detection): object detection & classification for Console
  • Added support for external databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server) to store audit events in Console (CORTROL Global only)
  • Added server ability to control Windows time settings for Console
  • Added New analytics engine (VA) for Console
  • Added ONVIF Profile T Support (Devices/Cameras) for Console


  • Added support for Camio (added a setting for the local server IP address) on CORTROL Premier
  • Improved timeline rendering speed for CORTROL Client
  • Implemented license notifications in Client & Console
  • Implemented authentication support for Camio Box connection in Console
  • Localization updates for Polish, Russian, Malay, German, Dutch and Italian languages

Support for new devices added:

  • Vivotek models:
    • FE9182-H, IB8377-HT, FD9365-HTV, FD9187-H, IT9389-HT, IB9391-EHT, MS9390-HV, FD9167-H, MA9321-EHTV, MS9321-EHV, IP9167-HP

  • CBC GANZ models:
    • GANZ AIBox 4 & GANZ AIBox 8
  • Milesight models:
    • MS-C5371-X23HPB & MS-C5364-PB
  • TRENDnet models:
    • TV-IP420Pv2 and TV-IP440PIv2

  • Lecia model: BLK247
  • Avigilon model: 8.0-H4A-DO1-IR
  • Dahua models: DH-SD60230-HNI, TiOC


For the complete list including over 15 function enhancements, notes, and descriptions see the release notes.  Learn more about CORTROL at


About Ganz 

Ganz is a global leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing world-class intelligent security solutions. The Ganz brand offers integrated system architecture across multiple market segments, including video management software, smart video analytics, biometric access systems, and supporting devices.

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