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How do I get a camera to record when motion is detected?

What type of motion detection do you wish to do, camera side, or server side?

1.    Camera side motion detection; The camera detects motion, and then sends the event to the server, to start recording.

        a.    Camera side motion detection reduces CPU load.

        b.    Depending on the make and model of the camera, enter the cameras setup functions.

        c.    Within the cameras setup functions, enable motion detection.

        d.    Refer to that cameras documentation, on how to setup camera side motion detection.

2.    Server side motion detection; Also called software detection, the server detects motion, and then starts recording.

        a.    Server side motion detection creates additional CPU load.

3.    Sign into the CORTROL management console.

        a.    Select "Channels", then select/high light the camera of choice.

        b.    After selecting the camera of choice, select "Edit"

        c.    From the edit menu, select the "Motion detector" option.

        d.    From the drop down menu, select either Camera Motion Detection, or Software (High Performance)

        e.    Select OK, and return to the client.

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