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Ganz CORTROL Global VMS provides a unified Central Management System for large-scale security installations.

CORTROL Global provides a unified Central Management System for enterprise networks of any size.  By uniting the actionable intelligence in a central security command center, CORTROL Global delivers situational awareness, proactively optimizing incident management for large-scale security installations.

CORTROL Global is one of the market's most comprehensive enterprise-level VMS solutions, featuring interactive maps linked to alarms, an exceptional event and action manager, analytics tools, video wall support, and proactive components. The edge recording ensures your data safety by synchronizing with IP storage devices, archive replication, advanced system health monitoring, and failover, which reduces the disruption of your video surveillance recordings to zero. All this, plus various customization possibilities and Ganz’s flawless technical support.

Optimize your command center's video wall. Create custom configurations or drive users to specific video walls. Create “Area Focused” video walls to review footage quickly.

  • Highly secure encrypted camera and client communication
  • Powerful event and action manager
  • Real-time geolocation/map / mobile-tracking
  • Feenics® cloud-based access control integration
  • Keri® Systems Inc. access control integration
  • Virtual Machine Environment support
  • Video wall for enterprise command center
  • Powerful FR, LPR & VCA modules
  • Intuitive configuration and deployment features will have your network up and running quickly and simply
  • Advanced features: event & action manager, powerful analytics: FR, LPR, VCA, 64-bit core, integrations/API maps & mobile streaming
  • Supports  4000+ models of network cameras and network video servers

Full HD and UHD Resolution
Stream up to 4k and 8k resolution.

Advanced Event and Action Manager
Specify the desired outcome of your video surveillance system’s operation. Determine how the software reacts to any event caught on camera and how it turns events into an automated process. Send emails, activate DI/DO, interact with any other software or bring the operator's attention to a camera that requires immediate action. This functionality can be used for a single event or a set of sequenced events to get rid of false alarms and improve the efficiency of your surveillance system.

Video Content Analysis
Add analytics to any camera in your system. Create Zones/Lines to alert on perimeter intrusion as well as loitering. Become efficient with the information you see.  Take advantage of the full potential of your video surveillance system with video content analysis.  Improve the functionality of your surveillance while analyzing large amounts of data to determine a specific pattern for a particular task.  

Smarter Business Security
CORTROL connects video, locks, card readers, or door contacts via Cloud, delivering versatility to smart business security at a very economical cost. CORTROL is engineered for the small and medium-sized business owner

Maps provide a complete examination of the entire installation of cameras, delivering immediate visual verification. All the alerts are integrated with the maps and can be set up to be viewed on the overview as well — you can specify the location of the alarm event immediately.

Web Access
Get permanent access to live streaming and archive video through your web browser.

Information Channels
Streaming branding, informational or urgent announcements

Alarm Acknowledgement
Make sure that no event skips the attention of the operator. An operator must confirm all alarms, automatically generating a bookmark towards the event in the archive. By requiring the operator to record actions in a journal, there is a tracking of performed actions towards each event.

Integrations and API
CORTROL offers customizable integration with other software systems in the form of a software development kit (SDK), CORTROL Client Kit.

Mobile Applications
Use your mobile device to access live and archived streams. Use PTZ presets, control 2-way audio, or the mobile phone camera to stream video directly to the server.

Live Streaming
The streaming server can make a live cast of video to a website or YouTube.

Edge Recording
Synchronize all your data with IP device storage. With this feature, if the network connection with any camera is lost, the camera still records your data. It is fully transferred to your server as soon as the network connection is re-established.

Ganz CORTROL is also available in the following edition:

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