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Ganz CORTROL Global VMS provides a unified Central Management System for large-scale security installations.

By uniting the actionable intelligence in a central security command center, CORTROL Global delivers situational awareness, proactively optimizing incident management for large and challenging security environments. CORTROL Global has a 35% lower cost of ownership than competitive VMS solutions– with an identical feature set.

CORTROL Global is one of the most comprehensive enterprise-level VMS solutions on the market, featuring interactive maps linked to alarms; an exceptional event and action manager; analytics tools; video wall support and proactive components. The edge recording ensures your data safety by synchronizing with IP storage devices, archive replication, advanced system health monitoring, and failover, which reduces the disruption of your video surveillance recordings to zero. All this, plus various customization possibilities and Ganz’s flawless technical support.

Get the most out of your video wall in the control room. Create custom video wall configurations or force users to specific video walls with CORTROL Global. Create “Area Focused” video walls to quickly review footage.

Automated recovery of your system in the event of a sudden server failure. CORTROL Global carefully tracks operations of all servers, and, in case any of the servers has failed, it quickly activates a spare server to perform the actions that the malfunctioning server was performing before failing. CORTROL Global can manage multiple servers and activate a spare server in case one fails without losing any data.

Advanced Health Monitoring
Keep your finger on the pulse of all of your hardware, minimizing the risk of inconvenient surprises and control the state of the whole video surveillance system.

Enjoy full use of the multicast environment, transmitting to different destination devices (both servers and cameras). This functionality fully integrates with large enterprise environments using Active Directory or LDAP technology.

Organization Hierarchy
The functionality allows the construction of a more structured hierarchy of system rights and privileges among users within an organization. The group’s administrator (or sub-admin) rights are also specific for each group, thus valid only for the chosen scope of cameras and servers.

Archive Replication
Make your local recording server into a buffer server. In large enterprises, this allows for convenient local usage, scheduled or constant data transfer to Central Data Center, whenever the network is available.


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