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GanzCloud & CORTROL to Combat COVID-19 with AI and Thermal Cameras

Integrate Deep Learning for Real-Time Mask Detection, Social Distancing Enforcement, Temperature Screening, and Contact Tracing Assistance.


Automated Social Distancing Monitoring and Mask Detection.

CORTROL integrates with GanzCloud and gives you the ability to identify Social Health violations - fulfilling the urgent need for mask detection, social distancing monitoring, and contact tracing.

The Real-time Search and Analytics work together to make it easier to find discrete impinging and mask events. Together, CORTROL VMS and GanzCloud can help to provide employees and customers with compliance and added safety during the global pandemic.




Now Live on the GANZ CORTROL Global Demo CORTROL Video Management System & GanzCloud working together for automated Social Distancing and mask Detection.


See Demo Below.

CORTROL and Thermal Screening

When the whole world is actively fighting COVID-19, every little bit counts. Almost any proactive measures are of great help. If we can help detect and filter out potential sick persons at the earliest stages possible,  lockdown measures can be safely softened.

Thermal camera solutions measure external human temperature or skin temperature. Here, at Ganz, we consider the term "elevated body temperature" less accurate.  Elevated skin temperature (EST) may be a symptom of elevated body temperature (EBT). EBT, in its turn, may be a symptom of COVID-19, or some other disease, or not a disease at all. It is up to the medics to reveal that.



Among various VMS features, there are some incredibly helpful for thermal screening:

  • Count cases with EST,  create reports  on the fly, or schedule auto-generation for the past day, week, or month
  • Use facial recognition to see who exactly has EST, or run the target person's face through the face recognition database
  • Make use of the  access control integration  to lock/unlock doors, turnstiles, or gates
  • Bookmark the "potential fever" events and ask for the operator's or supervisor's comments for further review and export
  • Notify the responsible staff by sending them emails and  mobile  notifications


The exact choice of the features dramatically depends on the deployment scenario - yet is it good to know they are always at your fingertips with Ganz CORTROL.




Automated Social Distancing Monitoring and Mask Detection Demo

Access to our online Global Demo server via the Client

Downloading and installing CORTROL’s Client

Instructions IP Address: Username: demo

  • Password: 2468

Please use the following search terms based on specific requirements in order to search for incidents of social distancing violations and mask events.

Requirement Search terms Description Search URL

  1. Event: impinging - Get all the incidents where some kind of social distancing violation took place.
  2. Event: impinging_long - Get only the incidents where a social distancing violation longer than 6 seconds took place.
  3. Event: impinging_short - Get only the incidents where a social distancing violation of less than 6 seconds took place.
  4. Event: mask - Get the social distancing violation events where at least one person is wearing a mask.
  5. Event: not masked - Get the social distancing violation events where both participants are not wearing a mask.
  6. Event: with no mask - Get the social distancing violation events where at least one person is not wearing a mask.

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*Please note this is not a replacement for and is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19. Please continue to follow CDC Guidelines by practicing social distancing, regular hand washing, and refraining from touching your face.

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