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Keri Systems Access Control Integration

Keri Systems supports integration with Ganz CORTROL Enterprise VMS. 

The CORTROL Global integration gives Keri users the opportunity to manage video surveillance and access control through the GANZ command center; a scalable VMS designed to give users maximum control of an IP surveillance network. Ganz VMS supports systems ranging from a single NVR to multiple sites and servers ha

ndling thousands of cameras.

Users will benefit from Visual Monitoring of Access Control from one centralized interface that can accomplish the following: Visual monitoring and identity verification of individuals requesting access; Real-time video, event surveillance, and access control from one centralized interface; and the ability to collect video information regarding each entry/exit event, simplifying any post-incident investigations.?

Integration also supports the Ganz Map-Based Alarm Console, which manages door events visually with a Map Console. Users can visually monitor the status of door alarms in real-time (closed, open, locked, unlocked, unknown), and manage entry access by choosing to lock, unlock or reset access from a centralized interface. 

Users can also benefit from a real-time server audit of administrative functions such as record management and modifications.

As with Keri Systems’ other technology partners, this collaboration provides integrated features that go well beyond the capabilities of either platform alone.  With multiple integration partners in video, intercom, wireless locks, and turnstiles, along with diverse reader technologies, Keri is well-positioned to expand upon projects that begin with a single technology but ultimately develop into complex integrations.  Taking the macro-view, specifiers, property owners, and managers who have a known requirement for a fully integrated security platform with a single, simple interface, will find Keri’s offerings infinitely attractive.


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