Ganz Security

Gallagher Command Centre

CORTROL's Integration with GALLAGHER Command Centre

Ganz CORTROL software offers two-way integration with several access control systems, including Gallagher®. Both  CORTROL Premier and CORTROL Global license editions support this feature without any limitations.

Ganz CORTROL server receives events, door list and status, and cardholder list.

In Ganz CORTROL Console, you can see door status, add them to maps and geo maps, as well as create door-related Events and Actions (E&A):

  • Ganz CORTROL's E&A assists in monitoring the changes in the door status
  • Ganz CORTROL's E&A actions and maps allow you to change the door status (lock/unlock)

In the Ganz CORTROL Client, you can search door and cardholder events for the desired period.



Ganz Security
CORPORATE HQ 1 (919) 230-8700
WEST COAST 1 (310) 222-8600