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Housatonic College, Bridgeport, CT








HCC is a growing college campus serving Southern CT. They offer hundreds of programs running both day and night, coupled with a Living Museum open to the general public six days a week.


Like so many campuses and schools in this country, over the years, many different security technologies were acquired.  This resulted in individual systems with no path to unifying management or control.  At HCC, many of these systems, including intrusion, access, door controls, video, and life safety (duress), were aging and continually requiring service.


At HCC, Go²Blu was engineered to run two concurrent wireless networks that provide campus-wide unified security capabilities.  Two separate managed 900MHz wireless mesh networks made possible the unification of legacy end-points and circuits while expanding support of new systems and devices. Because of this unique wireless design, HCC can meet the current and future expansion needs of the college campus.

HCC Security uses Go2Blu's wireless 'Split-Second Digital Communications' to manage various safety and security needs across the campus.  Secure communications using Go²Blu's advanced IoT capabilities, two-way radio, and unified IoT-based sensor dashboards deliver audio and visual messages to a network of response personnel no matter their location. With Go²Blu HCC achieves fully wireless campus security and safety where all wireless sensor data is transformed into wireless audio communications.





Carney Hospital Dorchester, MA



A prominent Boston Area Hospital was initially looking to improve the speed of reporting a potential security threat location to in-hospital security personnel.  Existing communications tied up the very people in need of assistance while trying to relay their emergency and location.


Go²Blu was initially deployed for ER use only.  After realizing the vast improvement in speed and precision in getting help fast, Carney is now expanding the wireless duress system to cover the entire hospital campus.



Over the last six (6) years, Go2Blu emergency communication systems have been installed over 500 times throughout seven (7) states and multiple vertical markets.


Currently installed in the following states:

  •     Massachusetts
  •     Connecticut
  •     New York
  •     New Jersey
  •     Pennsylvania
  •     Delaware
  •     Maryland
  •     West Virginia

Installations in progress:

  •     New Hampshire
  •     Rhode Island
  •     North Carolina
  •     Florida
  •     Georgia

Vertical Market Installations:

  •     K-12 (Public and Private)
  •     Colleges and Universities
  •     Courthouses
  •     Government Buildings (State, County, and Municipal)
  •     Hospitals (One of the largest For-Profit Hospital Systems)
  •     Healthcare Facilities
  •     Assisted Living Facilities
  •     Power Plants
  •     Casinos
  •     Office Buildings
  •     Houses of Worship
  •     Daycare Centers
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