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D2PD Hardware and Product Packages

D2PD Emergency Communications System Components:

Product Code      Description                               

G2B-D2PD            D2PD Control Module

G2B-SaaS              GO2BLU Software, up to ten (10) Windows (annual subscription)

Optional Modules:

Product Code   Description
G2B-PA   Public Address Module
G2B-AC    Access Control Module         
G2B-PRM   Blue Light Prisms Integration Module
G2B-PNR   Prism, Network Relay Integration Module
G2B-PPWR   Prism, Power Management System Integration Module   
G2B-Radio   Two-Way Radio System Integration Module
G2B-Cell   Cellular Dialer Module - available at your local distributor*

*Only required if there is no Intrusion Detection System or the panel does not have two ports available for connection.

Additional options (please contact us for details and specs):

  • Display (option)
  • Inovonics Wireless (option)
  • Signals (blue prism, one [1] or more option)
  • Integrated Intelligent CORTROL VMS
  • Notify with 2-way chat (option)
Ganz D2PD Emergency Communications System Brochure
Ganz D2PD Emergency Communications System Specifications

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