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Ganz AI Box as a Retail Solution to Pandemic Restrictions

Case Study

GANZ AI BOX integrated with an existing video surveillance system to create a safer retail experience.

Application: Retail Occupancy Control
Client: Conad Soc. Coop. Capannoli (PI)

Following the occupancy restrictions and social distancing requirements that came into force at the beginning of the pandemic, it became necessary to reorganize retail spaces to allow social distancing and guarantee customers a pleasant and safe shopping experience.

The client, a supermarket chain in Italy, needed an economical, intelligent solution to monitor the number of people present in a given department without replacing the existing video surveillance system.

The Ganz AI BOX (ZN-AIBOX8), a Video Analytics and Deep-Learning device, was the solution.  Its exceptional speed and performance added AI analytics to the existing IP cameras via RTSP streaming. The AI BOX enables the pre-existing monitoring system to perform accurate image analytics without replacing camera positions or the recording system.

By setting the parameters and alarm thresholds, the client can monitor multiple spaces and define occupancy by the department, allowing customers to maintain the required social distancing. Each camera can individually enable required analytic licenses and set occupancy and distancing parameters. The numerous algorithms for deep learning and analysis allow the AI Box to recognize and classify people and objects. It can also detect masks and social distancing compliance through multiple action rules. When there is a critical activity, the AI Box sends alerts to the user or initiates an action.

Thanks to the JSON formatted reports, the AI BOX with GANZ AI technology seamlessly integrated with the existing video surveillance system.

The simple configuration and the rapid commissioning of the system, without the need for calibration, allowed the Conad store in Capannoli, in the province of Pisa, Italy, to continue operating while guaranteeing security and protection for customers and employees.

The AI BOX‘s intuitive interface and simple programming of GANZ AI algorithms led to rapid integration and the achievement of the required objectives. Using the existing video surveillance system did not require any security system changes. It was able to deliver maximum reliability with low implementation costs.

Thanks to the GANZ AI BOX solution, the client has strengthened the measures to protect their employees‘ and customers‘ health.

“The need to contain the virus at the beginning of the pandemic forced us to adopt new measures to comply with laws and keep customers safe. We required Domus Srl (the system installer) to find a solution that could ensure customers and employees a secure, healthy shopping environment,“ according to Ms. Laura Paperini - President Il Girasole S.r.l. - Conad of Capannoli and Lari (PI).

“This system can monitor and enforce occupancy rules without the need for additional dedicated employees. We needed an economical and rapidly deployed solution that was structurally non-invasive. The AI BOX recommended by Domus Srl was an excellent solution.“

“Domus Srl completed the project quickly using our existing video surveillance system. The GANZ AI BOX minimized costs and demonstrate that protecting our customer‘s health is our top priority. Other locations in Casciana Terme Lari (PI) have integrated the Ganz AI Box into their systems.“ 

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