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What is VMS?

July 29, 2021

What is VMS?

video management system, also known as video management software or a video management server, is a component of a security surveillance system that:

  1. Accumulates video from cameras, data from various iOT devices, and assists with access control
  2. Records and / or stores that video to local storage, and or cloud storage
  3. Offers an interface to view live video, access recorded video, access iOT data, and assist access control


Security surveillance management systems can offer many different technological features. Some video management software today can offer intuitive features such as license plate and Face recognition / detection, fisheye dewarping, hybrid analog / digital recording, pan-tilt-zoom, remotely control of cameras, iOT, and multiple alarm inputs.


Our video management software, Ganz CORTROL, offers all the above features plus:


- Unified Video Surveillance

- Access Control by way of technology partners (Keri Systems, FEENICS, Gallagher, Roger RACS5, GSF Corporation)

- Video Analytics (Edge based, third party, and server side)

- IoT Sensors ( vape detectors, bullying, gunshot detectors and telemetric) 

- Intercom Communications

- Biometrics

- Cloud deep learning

- Cloud (Virtual environments)

- An exceptional event and action manager

- Interactive maps linked to alarms

- Various customization possibilities

- Other IP Systems to provide real-time situational awareness

- An convenient app to keep track of your surveillance on-the-go, and more!


Why use VMS?


Video management software and systems are a great tool to use to simplify surveillance / security systems. For larger institutions and businesses that have a very large and complex security camera system, there may be too many cameras, too much network bandwidth, too much data to be analyzed, or too much storage required for a single server device to handle the workload.


In this case, the workload is allotted across multiple servers and devices, each handling a part of the overall workload.


The VMS provides a single management interface allowing the company to access camera sources across all servers, making them appear to be a unified collection, rather than isolated on multiple independent sources.



Rather than continuously recording data, a VMS may also implement motion detection to reduce the amount of data to be recorded, so your storage system is not filled with meaningless data. This way, our clients can better record and manage the most important incidents such as active shooter incidents, burglaries, vandalisms, and other emergencies that can occur. 


To learn more about CORTROL VMS, please visit


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