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The Theory of the VMS Evolution

October 14, 2021

The modern world is accustomed to regular updates and upgrades. With the fluctuating lockdowns and the chip shortage, it is an excellent time for everyone to review and optimize their routines. In terms of security software, upgrade the legacy software and enjoy all the benefits of modernizing the business processes.

“It’s time to evolve!” says the leading-edge CORTROL product family.


As the demand for security cameras grow exponentially across the globe, the traditional VMS ways are becoming obsolete. They cannot deliver the need for efficient yet simple management of large amounts of data. What's worse, they cannot turn data into information by design. On top of that, old VMS can barely handle the top-notch image resolution and have no idea how to process metadata. Up to some point, of course, all kinds of add-ons and plug-ins do the job, but one day you realize that your single IP camera is more intelligent than the whole DVR...

Let's study the evidence of the VMS evolution!



The amount of data in the world has just exploded. We need more storage, bandwidth, processing capabilities, and new hardware and software to deliver the corresponding level of performance. 640K is no more enough for anybody.

All CORTROL family products have been optimized for 64-bit performance, modern hardware, and OS. Hence a single server can handle more storage and more channels. Each machine also offers greater processing power, suggesting that a swarm of servers can assume the analytics processing for any streaming source. Alternatively, you can keep the power-intensive operations on edge and dedicate the server resources to pure recording. The latter might be considered a more modern approach, yet we argue that a truly modern way is to combine and conquer.

CORTROL Client offers video walls, which are convenient to set up, and hardware-transparent for the user for client workstations. On top of that, the latest CORTROL versions support GPU decoding on Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD graphics. With sub-stream usage for live view, this guarantees even more channels for live view on the same workstations—even with the integrated graphics. Forget about hardware dependencies!



CORTROL serves as a central hub connecting multilayer technologies. It brings thousands of IP cameras, smart sensors, industry devices, IoT, radar, lidar, drone controllers, physical security solutions, parking management, and even know-your-customer solutions.

And while one CORTROL developer team was working on the integrations, another one cooked the SDK! So now the ball is on your side. Access control, special purpose video or audio analytics, anything you need.



Like every year counts when you're a school kid, every following year is a leap in content analysis. We've replaced the legacy Open VCA has with a modern, CNN-based video analytics engine. It is built into CORTROL core so that when the time comes to modernize it, it will only incur a few changes on our side. Thus, the process will be painless and transparent for the end-user.

External to CORTROL but still in the family, there are traditional facial- and license-plate recognition services. These got some enhancements, too, to keep up with the trends; here are just a few highlights:

  • Neural networks VS obsolete algorithms?
  • Higher resolution image processing
  • Recognition attributes (e.g., face masks,  temperature readings)
  • Convenient mass enrollment
  • More flexible licensing options

CORTROL is also edge friendly. Offload something to the camera side? Welcome! (Surely, you know the legacy VMS does not know anything about Profile T?) So, no matter if your metadata source is on edge, in the cloud, or on the same recording server—CORTROL collects everything from everyone and lets you create all-encompassing event scenarios with the conveniently transparent hardware level.



Modern security systems snowball. Moreover, there is a clear tendency to merge and federate systems that used to be independent before. Example: city councils have their security unified to build a county- or even country-level security network. Such an approach multiplies the government security facilities' efficiency and puts forward demands for the software. We are happy to comply:

  • Not only is CORTROL Global designed to work with hundreds of servers, but it also makes it easy to turn a decentralized system (full of isolated servers) into a federated one.
  • CORTROL supports virtualization and is ready for cloud solutions.
  • Unified interface with virtually unlimited client connections and numerous integrations, including bn-house and SDK/AAPI-based
  • Whatever is not covered by these can be controlled using our latest CrossLink technology!

When it comes to upgrading the software, it is more than just a fresh UX and many new features. For many companies, the legacy security solutions are holding them back from innovating or providing essential services, which have become the new standard. CORTROL software is built with the user in mind, and it breaks down the barriers the legacy system has. It allows for easy integration with different level systems, and it is also a truly scalable solution. The upgrade can be done step-by-step and is less hurtful in terms of costs and deployment.



Be it a tiny home security system box or an enterprise ecosystem, the most important thing about it is consistency. Corrupt data is of little use; compromised data is a potential threat. In case of any software-unrelated causes, CORTROL is designed to take care of everything:

  • Redundancy on all levels grants you the ultimate fault tolerance: fallback, failover, replication, and mirroring are fancy words with clever mechanisms behind them
  • System-wide health monitoring allows timely detection and correction of misbehavior, as well as notifications of your choice upon critical faults
  • A Swift and reliable cortrol watchdog takes care of the server and client stability, reducing the amount of attention required to keep the system running.
  • Proprietary archive structure ensures data integrity and high availability
  • Built-in watermark verification during playback? guarantees that the archive is not altered, "photoshopped," or interfered with in any other manner
  • The Watermark verification tool helps to verify the exported footage at any time

The proactive warning system in CORTROL Console will notify you when system configuration may potentially cause issues. For instance, it won't let you miss streams with a too low keyframes parameter: operators won't complain about stuttering during high-speed playback.



At the very beginning of the century, people didn't pay due attention to security. Nowadays, encryption on every level is a must, even for deliberately isolated systems. Bound tightly to European security guidelines, we secure both data in transit & data at rest. CORTROL also provides profoundly detailed user management and comprehensive audit tools to control and review access. You choose what to protect—we provide corresponding instruments starting from archive password protection to custom HTTPS certificate support.



Both administrator and operator will find CORTROL interfaces friendly and pleasant to the eye. It has two main applications with modern UX for interacting with the server contents. While Console is optimized for handling thousands of items, CORTROL Client, the thick client, makes finding the target evidence easy and fast.

  • Operators will love the motion-based Smart search and archive Sequencing, which requires no metadata at all.
  • The new interactive Alarm Panel makes it easy to handle cases using advanced bookmarking.
  • Interactive Geo and custom Maps allow creating proper control panels involving User Buttons, and channel shortcuts help create 3D navigation using plain video.

And anyone can now adjust CORTROL looks to their taste using the Theme customization and hotkey assignment. Or are you more of a default colors' devotee?



Of course, the famous Events and Actions (E&A) Configurator has been there for many years. But its power of automation and system interoperation has grown dramatically. Now E&A is a central hub connecting all systems and levels, hiding the low-level realization from the end-user. So, what's in it for you?

  • E&A is now optimized for the multi-server and multi-client environment
  • More tools for building complex rules, including scheduling and event combinations
  • You can use more sources for event triggering, such as edge analytics, FRLPR, or access-control events



Fortunately, we are saying goodbye to the good old VMS. On the plus side, we concentrate all our forces on supporting and updating the CORTROL product family. We will add more stuff and improve the existing things. The mobile app, as well as Mac and Web clients, will get their updates. Cloud features, updates for integrations and API, bug fixes, requested functions, and device support are only a small part of what's coming!

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