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End-to-end Encryption Explained

August 2022

With the rising threats of the cyber world, it is important to stay diligent in protecting your technology and security systems. One way to do that is by encrypting communications between your devices and your security system. So how does that work, exactly?


How does end-to-end encryption work?

Generally, end-to-end encryption works when you start an app, generating a private and a public key. Your private key never leaves your phone. Your public key is stored on a server, which is made available to all who send you a message. Then, when someone writes to you, your public key is retrieved and used to encrypt their message so that only your private key can decrypt it. An encrypted file is then sent through the server to you. Finally, you receive a file, and your private key is used to decrypt the message.

In the case of Ganz CORTROL Video Management System, let’s say Sue is a client and John is her security specialist, and they are trying to communicate safely. When Sue starts the CORTROL client, a private and public key are generated. Secondly, Sue's private key never leaves the desktop client while her public key is stored on the CORTROL server. Thirdly, when John starts the CORTROL mobile app, a private and public key are generated. John never leaves the mobile app while his public key is stored on the CORTROL server. The video is received by Sue and John, and their private keys are used to decrypt the communications.

It can be detrimental to a system when it does not have several layers of security. Video management systems may be susceptible to hackers, leaving your company open to having precious data stolen.

Ganz CORTROL has eight depths of layers, each with its own set of sub-layers:

Advanced Threat Protection

  1. Cybersecurity analytics
  2. Server/User Forensics
  3. Wrong password account lockout


Network Security

  1. Complex password requirement
  2. Wrong password account lockout
  3. Periodical user password change policy
  4. User account simultaneous connections control
  5. Encrypted communications
    1. HTTPS
    2. AES-128/AES-256

Data Security

  1. External encrypted (AES128/AES-256) Storage, databases
  2. Local encrypted (AES-128/AES-256) Storage (video/audio), Configuration, and databases
  3. Proprietary Video storage format (not viewable by standard media players)

Infrastructure Security

  1. Mail Security
  2. Unified Communications
  3. Security Audit via Cybersecurity function
  4. Event Management (Monitoring & Audit functions)
  5. Log and False Positive (User Audit & Wrong password account lockout)
  6. Local/External encryption (AES-128/AES-256), Configuration/Databases/video/audio)

Rick Governance & Compliance

  1. Cybersecurity function
  2. Physical & Logical Reviews (Real-time Monitoring)
  3. Server & User Audit functions

Mobile Security: Desktop Client, Mobile App, and Web Client

  1. HTTPS communications
  2. Encryptions: AES-128, AES-256
  3. Authentication & Onboarding
  4. Complex password requirement

System Security: CORTROL Server

  1. Cybersecurity hardening
  2. Configurable communications ports
  3. HTTPS
  4. Encryptions: AES-128, AES-256
  5. Proprietary Video storage format
  6. Software upgrade management

Application Security

  1. Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  2. Complex password requirement
  3. Wrong password account lockout
  4. Activity monitoring
  5. Content Security
  6. Secure data transfer (Video/Audio/Credentials)

In closing, I think we can all agree on the importance of taking cybersecurity measures for your personal and your business’ data, especially security footage and analytics. Thus, ensuring your company has these layers of security for your video management system is a must-have. Learn more about our VMS here.


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