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The Post-Pandemic Way to Adjust Security Devices

November 2022

Being in-office is soooo 2018, and so is physically adjusting IoT devices and security cameras. That’s where VNC comes in. VNC, or Virtual Network Computing , is rising in popularity today because of the many features saving security integrators time and money. Say no more to commuter traffic, baring the weather, and hours-long adjustments to your security devices, because Ganz CORTROL CrossLink is the remote way to adjust them.

Suppose you are already a Ganz CORTROL Video Management System (VMS) client. In that case, you already know the interface offers a seamless unification of all your security devices, access control, biometrics, and other features. CrossLink is one more feature to add to your unified process.

CrossLink provides the ability to add web pages and remote control of third-party workstations using VNC server technology. It comes in two license options: Basic and Advanced. CrossLink Basic can add HTML web pages to the Ganz CORTROL's video management system as an interactive channel, while CrossLink Advanced offers a VNC Client to VNC server connectivity.

The Benefits

  • Unification : Create a unified interface; no need to minimize or exit one application, only to launch and or enter another!
  • Convenience : remotely tweak devices—no more hour+ shutdowns for adjustments!
  • Simplification : No need to go door to door and the logistics associated with that
  • Admin: Dedicate one or many URL channels for managing edge devices
  • RVM market: dedicate one or many VNC channels for remote desktop and or monitoring
  • Create digital signage for video walls (for CORTROL Global deployments only), including but not limited to:
    • URL dashboards
    • Weather
    • News
    • Information kiosks

What it Can Do

  • Crosslink Basic can only pull from purely HTML5-coded websites; this means ActiveX, and browser extensions will not work with it
  • Crosslink Advanced is a VNC Viewer that offers remote desktop access 

The future is convenient and hassle-free, and so is Ganz CORTROL CrossLink. Unify your processes with Ganz CORTROL VMS , and learn more about CrossLink here .

Watch the video below to see how Crosslink Basic works:

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