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Industry Specific Security Solutions

For more than 40 years, Ganz has delivered reliable security solutions to the retail, education, healthcare, government, transportation, gaming, casino, and financial industries.

Whatever your industry, Ganz Security can meet your needs. From traditional analog set-ups to multiple camera intelligent network systems, our extensive product selection makes us the first choice for businesses seeking to deploy powerful, trouble-free surveillance systems.


Learn more about how we can be partners in providing real-time safety and security, loss prevention and insightful business intelligence to your retail surveillance.


Find out how our comprehensive product line can ensure the perfect match for the most challenging applications. With intelligent network systems at critical areas in schools and campuses, incidents can be detected and prevented in real-time.


Discover how intelligent network systems in critical areas provide real-time incident detection and prevention to our healthcare system.  Our extensive product line ensures the perfect match for the most challenging healthcare applications including critical area monitoring, safety compliance monitoring, loss prevention, liability suits, and vandalism.


Find out more about securing assets and providing a safe environment for both employees and customers. From ATMs to financial data centers, our intelligent network systems monitor incidents, deter crime and provide real-time surveillance.


High-resolution surveillance and intelligent network systems in airports, at border patrols and local municipalities, are critical to public safety.  Discover our intelligent and real-time solutions for the most challenging government applications.


Protecting and monitoring our transportation infrastructure presents unique challenges. Learn how our video surveillance solutions deliver actionable intelligence, high definition images, incident detection and scalable, cost-effective systems for effective monitoring of bridges, public transportation, aviation, maritime, cargo and traffic.


Monitoring critical infrastructure is crucial to public safety. Learn how our high definition and thermal video surveillance solutions combined with intelligent video analysis provide real-time monitoring, perimeter protection and incident detection for airports, power plants, bridges and tunnels, ports, refineries and more.


Security and surveillance is a unique and integral challenge for casinos and the gaming industry. Both are required to deploy the highest level of precise, real-time monitoring. Our intelligent network systems allow remote monitoring, HD images, instant access to live and recorded video and automated detection of incidents.

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