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LPR Module

License Plate Recognition (LPR) application for detecting, recognizing, and registering vehicle license plates designed to work with CORTROL VMS Server and CORTROL Global Servers.

The CORTROL LPR Module offers a very high level of reading reliability, an intuitive installation process, and great usability characteristics. The software is ideally suited for vehicle access and traffic control.

The LPR Module also offers multiple customization possibilities for specific license plates and different types of transportation (trains, trucks, cars, etc.).


High-performance recognition engine with a low error rate

A multitude of supported IP and analog cameras

Easy to use User Interface for setup, monitoring, and data retrieval

Simultaneous multiple video streams processing Ganz CORTROL Client


  • Quick and convenient search and browsing of registered license plates
  • Efficient license plate recognition with a minimal error rate
  • Recognition of license plates from many countries
  • Camera position adjustment
  • Available for two (2) or unlimited  LPR channels
  • Recognition area adjustment to optimize system load
  • Lighting condition adaptive algorithm
  • Support for unlimited local and remote “allowed” and “restricted” lists
  • Interface to external applications and devices
  • Storing Storage of recognized license plates and snapshots in the local or central database
  • No limit to the number of cameras that can be attached
  • Relies on CORTROL servers for live and recorded video streams
  • Process video streams from multiple CORTROL servers

Go to CORTROL LPR product page and resources.

LPR Hardware Recommendations
LPR Calculator








LPR Hardware Recommendations

Exact size depends on video stream resolution. The number shown is calculated for FullHD video stream resolution with a half of frame for recognition defined.

Server requirement per number of Face Recognition streams:

Number of streams Minimum CPU Minimum RAM
1 Intel i5-7400 > 3,0Ghz 4 physical cores 4GB
2 Intel i7-7700 >3,0Ghz 4 physical cores With Hyper-Threading 8 GB
4 Intel i7-5960X >3,0Ghz 8 physical cores With Hyper-Threading 16 GB
6 Single or Dual Xeon >3,0Ghz 12 physical cores with Hyper-Threading 24 GB
8 Single or Dual Xeon >3,0Ghz 16 physical cores with Hyper-Threading 32 GB

LPR Calculator

Go to LPR Product Page and Resources



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