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Grants and Government Funding for School Safety

The three primary funding sources for school security improvements are funds from regular operating budgets, local school infrastructure bonds, and state/federal grants. The following information is primarily the grants and funds available from federal government sources.

Finding the tools and resources to identify and apply for funding can be crucial in making your school safe.

Federal Resources

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Department of Education (ED), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) created to share actionable recommendations to keep school communities safe. aims to help schools prevent, protect, mitigate, respond to, and recover from emergencies.'s Grants Finder Tool helps you find applicable funding opportunities to help keep your school community safe. The tool features a variety of Federally available school safety-specific grants that you can navigate based on a school safety topic, award amount, application-level of effort, and more. As Federal agencies release school safety funding opportunities and grants throughout the year, the tool will be updated on an ongoing basis to reflect these opportunities.

You can also explore all available grant opportunities in their Grants Library . Filter grants based on your needs or use the quick filter links to view grants infrequently searched for categories.


The Final Report and Finding of the Safe School Initiative
The Safe School Initiative sought to identify information that could be obtainable or "knowable" prior to an attack. That information would then be analyzed and evaluated to produce a factual, accurate knowledge base on targeted school attacks. This knowledge could be used to help communities across the country to formulate policies and strategies aimed at preventing school-based attacks.

U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center
On July 12, 2018, the U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center released Enhancing School Safety Using a Threat Assessment Model: An Operational Guide for Preventing Targeted School Violence to provide fundamental direction on preventing incidents of targeted school violence. The guide provides schools and communities with a framework to identify students of concern, assess their risk for engaging in violence and identify intervention strategies to mitigate that risk.

Federal funding opportunities published on are for organizations and entities supporting the development and management of government-funded programs and projects.

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U.S. Department of Justice

US Department of Justice

You can also subscribe to the COPS Office e-newsletter to learn about current news on awards and projects.

Up to $53 million in funding is available for FY22 SVPP.  Each award is three years (36 months) in duration for a maximum federal share of $500,000 per award. There is a local cash match requirement of at least 25 percent.


U.S. Department of Justice STOP School Violence Act Programs

The FY22 School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) will close on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at 7:59 PM ET.*

*IMPORTANT: Applications will be submitted in a two-step process, each with its own deadline.

STEP 1: Submit an SF-424 and an SF-LLL in


STEP 2: Submit the full application including attachments in JustGrants.

JUSTGRANTS APPLICATION DEADLINE: TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2022 (7:59 PM ET). funding will provide up to 75% funding for the following school safety measures in and around K-12 (primary and secondary) schools and school grounds:

  • “Coordination with law enforcement”
  • “Training for local law enforcement officers to prevent student violence against others and self.”
  • “Metal detectors, locks, lighting, and other deterrent measures”
  • “Technology for expedited notification of local law enforcement during an emergency.”
  • “Any other measure that the COPS Office determines may significantly improve security.”

The following school safety measures are available through the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s (BJA’s) section of the STOP School Violence Act of 2018:

  • Development and operation of anonymous reporting systems
    • Hotlines
    • Internet websites
    • Mobile telephone applications
  • Development and operation of a school threat assessment
  • Specialized training for school officials in responding to mental health crises
  • Training for school personnel and students to prevent student violence against others and self
  • Any other measure the BJA determines may provide a significant improvement in security

Please find additional info on the Bureau of Justice Assistance's (BJA's) website.


Funding may also be available through the OJJDP FY 2022 Enhancing School Capacity to Address Youth Violence solicitation.

All awards are subject to the availability of appropriated funds and any modifications or additional requirements that may be imposed by law.


Questions? You can contact the COPS Office Response Center at or 800-421-6770.

*Source: The US Department of Justice

Source: US Department of Justice

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