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3D Surveillance with Leica BLK247 & CORTROL VMS

Smart 3D Surveillance System




The Leica BLK247 Smart 3D Surveillance System is integrated with Ganz CORTROL Video Management Software (VMS) providing a custom solution for your security needs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Customizable 3D Geo-Fence zones
  • Sensor Fusion Alarms - Combining LiDAR, video, thermal imaging, and assistive AI to trigger alerts and alarms for fewer false alarms.
  • Combines LiDAR, RGB video, and thermal imaging sensors with assistive artificial intelligence and edge computing to immediately identify threats versus non-threats.
  • Adds LiDAR-based 3D surveillance to existing 2D security systems, providing greater accuracy that reduces costly false alarms and increases user confidence in the system.
  • Assistive AI enables the device to make unaided real-time decisions at the edge of the network on whether to trigger an alarm.
  • The device learns the space it is monitoring (known as a “static scene”) and through change detection technology recognizes changes within that scene.
  • Helps reduce security teams’ reliance on visually monitoring or physically guarding a location, while also providing real-time actionable 3D information.
  • LiDAR range 98' (30 M)
  • 360° imaging, 12-megapixel fisheye lens
  • Live streaming
  • AI Edge Computing
  • Thermal Monitoring
  • Forensic video storage

CORTROL VMS Integration:

  • The integration of Ganz CORTROL VMS with the Leica BLK247 delivers enterprise-level video surveillance solutions ideal for various applications, including public safety, mining, energy infrastructure, and transportation.

  • CORTROL works seamlessly with the BLK247, continually monitoring in 3D in any lighting environment, including complete darkness. In addition, the revolutionary combination of LiDAR , fisheye video, thermal imagery, and AI algorithms on the edge takes video surveillance to the next level.

  • CORTROL is ideal for managing Leica BLK247 dual fisheye camera's live streams, real-time video dewarp of panorama or arbitrary zones, and edge-based analytics.

  • CORTROL incorporates next-generation metadata communication, dynamic rules engine flexibility, and advanced motion detection, including object detection and classification. Our combined solution marks a new era in the advancement of security technologies.

Two Models to Suit Your Needs

The Leica BLK247 comes in two models: x5 and i5.







Download BLK247 Specifications


Full Coverage

The Leica BLK247 is a multi-sensor device that provides 360° horizontal x 270° vertical field-of-view coverage. You can monitor an entire space and define specific areas of interest for surveillance using 3D geofencing.



Smart Threat Detection

Leica BLK247 is a smart 3D surveillance system that immediately determines threats versus non-threats with accuracy and reliability. It reduces false alarms and increases overall confidence in your security system.



Sensor Fusion

Leica BLK247 sensor fusion technology combines LiDAR, video, and thermal imaging sensors. It monitors spaces by performing real-time change detection in 3D.



3D Solutions

Leica BLK247 uses 3D measurements to solve real-world 3D problems that 2D security cameras can't.




The Leica BLK247 won the top honor as Best New Product of 2020 from the Security Industry Association in partnership with ISC West.



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BLK247 Specifications

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